Nighthawks Records

Memphis Nighthawks Offensive Records


Single Season Passing Yards

Carter Hatcher: 803 yards, 2014

Single Season Passing Touchdowns

Carter Hatcher: 8 Touchdowns, 2014

Career Passing Yards

Carter Hatcher: 1,486 yards

Career Passing Touchdowns

Carter Hatcher: 19 Touchdowns

Single Season Rushing Yards

Evan Merryman: 1,379 yards, 2014

Single Season Rushing Touchdowns

Evan Merryman: 16 Touchdowns, 2014

Career Rushing Yards

Evan Merryman: 4,138 yards


Career Rushing Touchdowns

Evan Merryman: 53 Touchdowns

Longest Kickoff Return

Anthony Ware: 92 yards, 2014


National Homeschool Top 10

Evan Merryman 4th in rushing yards (2015)

State Top 10


Memphis Nighthawks Defensive Records

Single Season Leading Tackler

Kevin Tillman: 120 tackles/13.3pg, 2013

Single Season Leading Pass Rusher

Jacob Reithemeyer: 20 sacks/2.0pg, 2014

Career Leading Tackler

Kevin Tillman: 310 tackles


Career Leading Pass Rusher

Jacob Reithemeyer: 57 sacks

Single Season Interceptions Leader

Kevin Tillman: 7 Int, 2013

Career Interceptions Leader

Kevin Tillman: 13 Int


National Homeschool Top 10

Jacob Reithemeyer 2nd in sacks (2015)

State Top 10

Jacob Reithemeyer 10th in sacks (2015)


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